Painters listening to 3M presentation.
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Painters at Advanced Painting have the most up to date knowledge and techniques for our jobs so we can continue providing great service for our customers.  Here is what was covered in a recent training event.

Overview of Painter Training Sessions
The Graco representative Joe Pellicciotti provided the guys with a complete breakdown of using a paint sprayer, (HVLP).  Everything from maintaining the equipment to painting walls; provided the painters with precautions to use preventing accidents & what the dangers of using the machine and how to use it safely. 

3M representative John Coleman provided our painters with an excellent preparations and masking demonstration.  He spoke with them about job prep supplies and techniques.  Told the guys the difference between tapes and all masking products, and even showed them how to properly and quickly mask up French doors. 

We were also accompanied by two reps from Diversified Human Resources, Tony Avoledo (OSHA) & Nicole Knipple (Benefits & Human Resources).  Also, Tony Estrada w/ BDL Financial stopped in and spoke with the painters for a few minutes about safety & workers comp

Painters take a break from classroom work for a group photo.
Owner Ken Miceli (left) with painting crews for Advanced Painting and Accent Painting.
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