Repainting of Stucco Townhouses & Patio Homes
Mold remediation, stucco repair, wood repair and paint.

“Advanced Painting is so highly experienced and competent that they can do an excellent job more efficiently, and thus at lower cost, than others.”

Ken Dzugan
President, Cachet at Las Piedras
Sedona, AZ
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What our Customers say
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Patio home after repainting.
Painting of Older Condominium Buildings
Stucco repair, caulking of seams and paint.

"Golfview has never looked better. There is no sloppy work, no delay in the project (weather permitting), and the company proves that it goes beyond satisfying its contractual commitments.

Charles Provine
President, Golfview Association
Scottsdale, AZ
Advanced Painting Succeeds Where Others Failed
144 homes, pool area, wrought iron fences and gates

Before Advanced Painting: "After our last couple of painting projects in 1996 and 2000 our Homeowners Association was very guarded as those projects did not turn out so well and nobody was very happy with the results." 
With Advanced Painting: "I have received phone calls and/or emails from numerous homeowners letting me know how very happy they are with the results of [this] project."

Ken Falltrick
President, Scottsdale Hills Owners Association
Scottsdale, AZ
Repainting and repairs of older stucco condominium.
Townhouses painted by Advanced Painting.