Working with Advanced Painting and Contracting is unlike working with any other painters from the time you request a bid.
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The Bidding Process
We will tour the property and listen to your concerns and requirements. Our proposal will be prompt, detailed, responsive to your special requirements and, typically, very competitively priced. We are happy to supply reference properties for you to view and customer references.
Paint Selection
Once the contract has been signed color selection begins. While we are happy to reccommend a quality paint brand we can work with whatever paint is your HOA approved paint. It is hard to tell what the effect of a color will be from a paint swatch, so we are happy to provide sample paint to use on larger areas to better see the effect of the colors.
The "No Surprises" Process
Because Advanced Painting & Contracting is a full service company, the project may include repair work on dry rot, wood siding, fences, fascia boards, gates, garage doors and wrought iron fence repairs and replacement. All of these repairs as well as painting are performed by our trained employees.

One week before power washing of each home or building notices are posted requesting the removal of exterior decorations and tying back of plants for exterior wall access. Notices are also made to homeowners when to expect windows to be taped for painting.
No Cost Annual Touch-up
During the warranty and maintenance period, Advanced Painting's Customer Service Department will make once a year inspections and do any necessary touch up as specified in the maintenance contract.
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